Lonoke County Interstate I-40 Traffic Flow Indicators

Last updated November 30, 2004 02:34 pm central

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The contents on this page updates every five minutes, and the camera images update every minute.  Please refresh for the latest content and image.

Important Notice
The information provided on this page is dependent on weather and construction factors, as well as the functioning of various electronic systems and thus may not always be accurate or available.

Map of I-40

Signs Radios Cameras
1. I40 Eastbound before Exit 161 1. Eastbound broadcasting to western end of project. 1. Image at mile marker 173 looking east.
2. I40 Westbound before Exit 175 2. Westbound broadcasting to eastern end of project. 2. Image at mile marker 174 looking west.
3. I40 Westbound before Exit 183 3. Image at mile marker 166 looking west.
4. Image at mile marker 163 looking east.






Normal Traffic

Slowing Traffic

Stopped Traffic



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